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All our products have a set of basic features: Live Audio Streaming, Alarm Function, Sleep Function and Social Links like Facebook and Twitter. There are products that offer additional features that we will see below, apart from custom plan that allows you to create a custom app with specific features.


197 €

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397 €

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Remove Ads

Controlling the Ads

With this feature you can remove the ads displayed in the application.

Modify Ads

Earn money with them

You can modify the Ads inside the app with your own ads. You need an AdMob account for this.

Custom Top Banner and Link

Redirect to your website

Here you can customize the top Banner of the App. You can put your own and redirect it wherever you want.

Push Notification via Parse

Notify your listeners

Thanks to the Push Notifications you will be able to Notify all your listeners with a custom message. You need a account for this.

Change Splash Image

Launch your app with your own splash

If you have this Feature you will be able to change de Splash Image of the App with your custom image.

Customized Features

Think it, tell us, we will build it

With our Custom plan you may contact us and tell us your idea, then we will respond you and we will make the proposal.