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Podcast Tutorial

Podcast Tutorial

Once we have prepared our APP (no matter which platform) and you have pressed the publish button, it will appear one new button called "Podcast Categories".

Inside this page we can see all the categories we have, but in this case it is new and we will not see any. To create a new category we just need to click the button "Create New Podcast Category". Keep in mind that there is a limit for Podcast Categories and a limit of categories within the category by the plan chosen. You can access this information in the following link.

Create a Category is as simple as writting the name we wish and click the button below to create it. We will return to the panel of the categories where this time we will see the category that we just create, this can be edited to change its name or delete it if desired in the future. If we click on the magnifying glass button, we can enter the category.

Again we see an empty list because it is a new category. We can create a new podcast Clicking the upper right button "+ New Podcast".

To create a Podcast we must put a title, a subtitle if desired, and finally the url of the mp3 resource that we want it to sound. This resource can be hosted anywhere. Once saved, we will return to the previous list but this time with the newly created podcast. This can be edited and removed if desired.

With these simple steps we can enjoy your Podcast inside your App once it is published. This data can be changed whenever you want because it does not affect the functioning of the App itself, you just have to remember that if the contents of the specified URL for the podcast is not as we specified (just something to point to .mp3 content) is very possible that the app can not play it correctly, then you must change it from the web.