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Setting Up AdMob

Admob Tutorial

If you want to monetize your App and you purchase a Gold Station, you can do it by an AdMob Account.

If you already have an admob Account, you only need to put your Banner ID and your Interstitial ID in the configuration of your app.

Here you have two options, delete the Ads o change it with your own IDs. For this Tutorial we need to pick the change option.

See images below:

admob change
admob ids

Now, if you dont have a admob Account and you are interested in monetize your App, you must created one. There are few steps:

  • Create your Admob Account
  • Create your Admob App
  • Create the Banner ID
  • Create the Intersticial ID
  • Add the IDs to the App

Create your Admob Account

First of all click in AdMob and follow the admob steps for complete the creation of the Account.

Create your Admob App

Inside the Admob Control panel, you can add a new App to monetize. You can can choose which platform you want to monetize. (You must create one app for Android an another one for iOS)

admob new app

Create the Banner ID

Now you have an Admob App, you can add an Ad Unit Block, we need one banner and one interstitial.

Choose Banner and fill the name of the Banner. Them copy the Unit ID provided by AdMob.

admob new app

Create the Intersticial ID

Choose Interstitial and fill the name. Them copy the Unit ID provided by AdMob.

admob new app

You can access this Ids after, in the details of the AdMob app.

Add the IDs to the App

Finally you can add this IDs to your Apps4Radio App's, in every platform.

admob change
admob ids